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"I hired Long Brothers Construction to do the site prep and finish grade work for my pole building. They were very professional and took the time to explain exactly what I needed on my site to ensure proper pad construction and water drainage. The crew that built the building along with the concrete contractor said the work done by Chris and Tim made their jobs easier. I can't recommend them highly enough, thank you."

Dave and Patrice Walters

"I have known the Long Brothers for more than 30 years. We recently purchased a 10-acre farm in Lower Saucon Valley that needed major renovations. Chris and Tim have been an enormous help to us on this project. Their expertise, work ethic, honesty and knowledge are second to none. There has not been a single aspect of the project that these guys weren't willing to tackle. Their attention to detail and communication between myself and the other trades would have been a nightmare for us, but they turned it into something that has been a pleasure to work on. If you are looking for a company with years of experience that will give it to you straight and back it up, then look no further." Eric

Eric and Kelly Baker


"Long Brothers Construction Services. They were on time, very knowledgeable and professional in the process of the excavation work for the foundation of our house and garages. They were very comparable in price. They also did all of our trench work for the underground electric and sewer. I would definitely recommend them."

Tim and Joanne Wobensmith

ENDORSEMENTS: Testimonials
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